Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How is the Community School funded?
A.  By Medicaid, State Grants, Federal Early Intervention Funds and by Private Donations

Q.  What is the cost to families for Community School Services?
A.   There is no charge to any individual receiving services who meets eligibility requirements.

Q.  Is the school associated with Heber Springs Public School?
A.  The Community School is a non-profit organization.  Because the Community School does
provide Special Education instruction, it must also follow guidelines required under Arkansas
Special Education.  The Community School works with area public schools by hosting
conferences with the school and the parents to make the transition from pre-school to public
school easier.  

Q.  What if there were no Community School in Heber Springs?
A.  Students would either not receive the needed specialized training, would be forced to leave
home to attend another appropriate school, or would need to be transported daily to comparable
centers in outlying counties.

Q.  Who can refer a child or adult to your program?
A.  Parents, relatives, Physicians, the Health Department, DDS, or the individual can make a
referral to the Community School.

Q.  My child doesn't seem to be doing things most kids their age are doing - but, my
pediatrician says he/she will grow out of it.  I'm not sure - should I have my child evaluated?
A.  In order for us to evaluate a child, we must first have a referral/prescription from your child's
primary care physician.  If you are concerned that your child may have a delay, we encourage
parents to discuss their concerns with their pediatrician and request a referral for a developmental

Q.  If my child is evaluated by the Community School, am I required to use the Community
School services if my child shows developmental delays?
A.  An initial evaluation is done only to determine a child's current level of development.  All
services are voluntary - parents are not required to enroll their child in services or to use the
Community School for services.  If your child is showing delays based on a developmental
evaluation, our staff will provide you with a list of providers in Arkansas who also provide
comparable services.

Q.  If my child receives services at the Community School, will my child automatically receive
Special Education at public school?
A.  Services received in the public school are a team decision with the school and the parent.  
Most children transition from the Community School into a regular kindergarten classroom.

Q.  How can I help?
A.  The Community School relies heavily on the referrals of our community to families that may
benefit from our services.  Since the fire that destroyed our center, we are also in great need of
cash or material contributions.  
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